yumapro  21.10T-8
YumaPro SDK
yang_feature.h File Reference

YANG feature statement support. More...

#include "dlq.h"
#include "grp.h"
#include "ncxtypes.h"
#include "obj.h"
#include "status.h"
#include "tk.h"
#include "yang.h"
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status_t yang_feature_consume_iffeature (tk_chain_t *tkc, ncx_module_t *mod, dlq_hdr_t *iffeatureQ, dlq_hdr_t *appinfoQ)
 Consume an if-feature-stmt. More...
status_t yang_feature_consume_feature (tk_chain_t *tkc, ncx_module_t *mod)
 Parse the next N tokens as a feature statement. More...
status_t yang_feature_resolve_feature (yang_pcb_t *pcb, tk_chain_t *tkc, ncx_module_t *mod, ncx_feature_t *feature)
 Validate all the if-feature clauses present in the specified feature. More...
status_t yang_feature_check_feature_loop (tk_chain_t *tkc, ncx_module_t *mod, ncx_feature_t *feature, ncx_feature_t *startfeature)
 Check for a feature loop. More...
status_t yang_feature_resolve_iffeatureQ (yang_pcb_t *pcb, tk_chain_t *tkc, ncx_module_t *mod, obj_template_t *obj)
 Check the Q of if-feature statements for the specified object. More...
status_t yang_feature_resolve_iffeatureQ2 (yang_pcb_t *pcb, tk_chain_t *tkc, ncx_module_t *mod, dlq_hdr_t *iffeatureQ)
 Check the Q of if-feature statements for the specified object. More...
status_t yang_feature_check_iffeature_mismatch (tk_chain_t *tkc, ncx_module_t *mod, obj_template_t *ancestor, obj_template_t *testobj, ncx_iffeature_t *iff, boolean iserror)
 Check the child object against the ancestor node for 1 if-feature. More...
boolean yang_feature_eval_iffeature (ncx_module_t *mod, ncx_iffeature_t *iff)
 Evaluate the if-feature expression. More...
boolean yang_feature_eval_iffeatureQ (ncx_module_t *mod, dlq_hdr_t *iffQ)
 Evaluate a Q ofif-feature expressions. More...

Detailed Description

YANG feature statement support.