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rpc_err.h File Reference

NETCONF protocol standard error definitions. More...

#include "dlq.h"
#include "ncxtypes.h"
#include "rpc.h"
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Data Structures

struct  rpc_err_info_t
 one error-info sub-element More...
struct  rpc_err_rec_t
 One RPC error record built by the server before an <rpc-error> element is generated. More...


enum  rpc_err_t {
 enumerations for NETCONF standard errors More...
enum  rpc_err_sev_t {
 enumerations for NETCONF standard error severities More...


const xmlChar * rpc_err_get_errtag (rpc_err_t errid)
 Get the RPC error-tag for an rpc_err_t enumeration. More...
rpc_err_t rpc_err_get_errtag_enum (const xmlChar *errtag)
 Get the RPC error-tag enum for an error-tag string. More...
rpc_err_rec_trpc_err_new_record (void)
 Malloc and init an rpc_err_rec_t struct. More...
void rpc_err_init_record (rpc_err_rec_t *err)
 Init an rpc_err_rec_t struct. More...
void rpc_err_free_record (rpc_err_rec_t *err)
 Clean and free an rpc_err_rec_t struct. More...
void rpc_err_clean_record (rpc_err_rec_t *err)
 Clean an rpc_err_rec_t struct. More...
rpc_err_info_trpc_err_new_info (void)
 Malloc and init an rpc_err_info_t struct. More...
void rpc_err_free_info (rpc_err_info_t *errinfo)
 Clean and free an rpc_err_info_t struct. More...
void rpc_err_dump_errors (const rpc_msg_t *msg, log_debug_t lvl)
 Dump the error messages in the RPC message error Q. More...
void rpc_err_dump_errors_audit (const rpc_msg_t *msg)
 Dump the error messages in the RPC message error Q to AUDIT LOG. More...
const xmlChar * rpc_err_get_severity (rpc_err_sev_t sev)
 Translate an rpc_err_sev_t to a string. More...
void rpc_err_clean_errQ (dlq_hdr_t *errQ)
 Clean all the entries from a Q of rpc_err_rec_t. More...
boolean rpc_err_any_errors (const rpc_msg_t *msg)
 Check if there are any errors in the RPC message error Q. More...

Detailed Description

NETCONF protocol standard error definitions.