yumapro  23.10T-8
YumaPro SDK
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wr_util.h File Reference

XML and CBOR Write utility functions. More...

#include "ncxtypes.h"
#include "ses.h"
#include "status_enum.h"
#include "val.h"
#include "xml_msg.h"
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boolean wr_util_check_start_depth (xml_msg_hdr_t *msg, obj_template_t *obj)
 Check if the current val value for All in One mode is the value that we should start the write for. More...
boolean wr_util_fit_on_line (ses_cb_t *scb, const val_value_t *val)
 Check if the specified value will fit on the current line or if a newline is needed first. More...
boolean wr_util_need_default_attr (xml_msg_hdr_t *msg)
 Check if the default attr is needed. More...
boolean wr_util_need_origin_attr (xml_msg_hdr_t *msg)
 Check if the origin attr is needed. More...
boolean wr_util_need_skip_any (val_value_t *out)
 Check if the output data is really an anyxml or anydata or a generic container. More...

Detailed Description

XML and CBOR Write utility functions.