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yang_sid.h File Reference

YANG SID Assignment support. More...

#include "status_enum.h"
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typedef yang_sid_status_t(* yang_sid_test_fn_t) (ncx_module_t *mod)
 function callback to test if module is external, internal, or should be skipped for SID assignment More...


enum  yang_sid_status_t {
 enum for the keep-module status returned by the test function Only used for LSID assignment at this time More...


status_t yang_sid_set_module (ncx_module_t *mod, ncx_yang_sid_mode_t yang_sid_mode)
 Attempt to assign SIDs for the module. More...
status_t yang_sid_set_all_modules (ncx_yang_sid_mode_t yang_sid_mode, boolean strict_mode, yang_sid_test_fn_t test_fn)
 Attempt to assign the YANG SIDs for all the loaded modules. More...
void yang_sid_init (void)
 Initialize the YANG SID module. More...
void yang_sid_cleanup (void)
 Cleanup the YANG SID module. More...
uint8 yang_sid_num_bits (void)
 Number of bits in the SID implementation. More...
const xmlChar * yang_sid_mode_str (ncx_yang_sid_mode_t sidmode)
 string for the yang_sid_mode enumeration More...

Detailed Description

YANG SID Assignment support.