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yuma yangcli help needed regarding cli commands

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      I have connected to netconf server running on localhost from yangcli. On connecting to netconf server my yangcli prompt changes to user@localhost prompt.

      To create any command [e.g. static-route ip-address] i give
      user@localhost# create /staticroute/static-route/ip-address value=
      RPC OK Reply 2 for session 3:

      But i want the command to be entered like this below
      user@localhost# static-route ip-address

      How do i do that ??
      Please help me with above problem. Also no config command is appearing at user@localhost# prompt

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      > config term

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        hello i typed the above command as you said but it is giving error .

        yangcli eshna@localhost> config term

        Error: Ambiguous command name: ‘config’

        On tab completion also i am not seeing any config command. Following are the command which are visible on tab completion
        yangcli eshna@localhost>
        Display all 69 possibilities? (y or n)
        alias copy-config elif get-config insert log-info pwd run show unset
        aliases create else get-locks kill-session log-warn quit save shutdown uservars
        cancel-commit create-subscription end get-my-session list merge recall set-current-datetime start-timer validate
        cd delete eval get-schema load mgrload release-locks set-log-level stop-timer while
        close-session delete-config eventlog help lock no-op remove set-my-session system-restart xget
        commit discard-changes fill history log-debug partial-lock replace sget system-shutdown xget-config
        connect edit-config get if log-error partial-unlock restart sget-config unlock

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      Based on what commands are available to you when you hit <TAB> it looks like you are not connected to a NETCONF server.

      Config term mode can only be used when yangcli-pro is connected to a server.

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      What server are you using? It’s possible the server you are connecting to does not support config-term mode.

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        i used the localhost NETCONF server to connect from yangcli client ad below:

        himanshu# yangcli
        <yangcli>connect user=him server=localhost password=him123
        <him@localhost># [here after connecting to NETCONF server i am not seeing any cpnfig command].

        NOTE: I am using yangcli client not yangcli-pro client.

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        NOTE: I am using yangcli client not yangcli-pro client.

        That is your problem. Config term mode is a feature that is not available in the open source yangcli client.

        Try downloading YumaPro Client which includes yangcli-pro.

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