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links in html generated using yumadump-pro don’t work

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      There must be a simple answer to this, but so far it eludes me.

      I have a bunch of YANG modules and I want to generate html from them so that I can view them in my browser (Chrome), taking advantage of the links that yumadump-pro automatically generates. I run yumadump-pro from the directory containing the .yang files as follows:

      $ yangdump-pro --subtree=. --format=html output=./html --versionnames=false

      And that generates one html file for each yang file. The generated files all have the .html extension. I open up one of those files in my browser and it displays beautifully. I click on a link in it to something that is defined in one of the other modules, and I get a ‘file not found’ error. I can see that the path in the href attribute for the link that I clicked has the right filename, but without the .html extension. If I manually add the .html extension to the href attribute, the link works fine.

      Can anyone tell me how I can get yumadump-pro to generate html in which the links work properly?

      Thanks in advance for any help!

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