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How to use YANG Push ?

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      I am Using Ubuntu 20.04.
      I have a server running on one device with unique address(I started the server using the command : netconfd-pro

      I have a client running on another device. I started the the client using the command : yangcli-pro and used the connect command with appropriate arguments(including hostname, username and password) to connect to the server.

      How do I configure the server from the client to establish a subscription to receive “push-update notifications” every 30 seconds from the server to the client ?

      I read through the article on “Getting started with Yang Push”, but wasn’t able to follow the practical application

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      You need to implement SIL or SIL-SA code for
      a YANG module and provide the GET2 callback functions that return the data.
      The Simulated Operational mode will call your GET2 as needed and send push updates.

      How do I use GET2 callback?
      yangcli-pro needs to use some data in XML files to configure YANG Push because
      the establish-subscription operation has complex input parameters.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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