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How to fix error unknown namespace

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      I am trying to build a SIL based on a Yang Model for IEEE 802.1AS was the last thing I did.

      PC Error 229:
      rpc-error: (229) unknown-namespace L:protocol S:error app-tag:data-invalid lang:en
      msg:unknown namespace
      error-info: bad-element T:string = –:toaster
      error-info: bad-namespace T:string =
      error-info: error-number T:uint32 = 229

      Error: Parse <load-config> failed and –startup-error=stop
      Config Load Time: 0.000172 seconds
      Error: load startup config failed (unknown namespace)
      netconfd-pro: init returned (unknown namespace)

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      The netconfd-pro server is reporting this error because its startup-cfg.xml file contains reference to the /toaster container, but the server is not loading the toaster module at boot time.

      To fix this you can do one of the following:

      1) load the missing module at boot time using the module parameter, i.e.
      > netconfd-pro module=toaster
      2) instruct the server to load the toaster module at boot time by adding the following line to to netconfd-pro’s config file, /etc/yumapro/netconfd-pro.conf:
      module toaster
      3) start the server with a clean startup config, i.e.
      > netconfd-pro factory-startup

      A full explanation is available in our Knowledge Base article “Why did I get an “unknown namespace” error when I restarted the server?

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      thanks. looks like it worked.

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