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Error making SIL Bundle – path keyword error

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      I’m trying to make a SIL bundle library. One of my Yang models includes IF-MIB.yang. I’m getting the following error. A snippet from the Yang model is below. Any suggestions? Thanks.

      Error: Got ‘path’, Expected: range, length, or pattern keyword
      IF-MIB.yang:529.11: error(246): wrong token value

      list ifRcvAddressEntry {

      key “ifIndex ifRcvAddressAddress”;
      “A list of objects identifying an address for which the
      system will accept packets/frames on the particular
      interface identified by the index value ifIndex.”;

      leaf ifIndex {
      type keyref {
      path “/if-mib:interfaces/if-mib:ifEntry/if-mib:ifIndex”;
      config false;
      “Automagically generated keyref leaf.”;

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      There is no type name “keyref”
      Should be leafref

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