yumapro  20.10-12
YumaPro SDK
agt_ypsnmp_proto.h File Reference

SNMP Protocol Handler. More...

#include "status_enum.h"
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int agentx_parse (netsnmp_session *session, netsnmp_pdu *pdu, u_char *data, size_t len)
 Utility functions for parsing an AgentX packet. More...
int agentx_realloc_build (netsnmp_session *session, netsnmp_pdu *pdu, u_char **buf, size_t *buf_len, size_t *out_len)
 Realloc an AgentX PDU. More...
int agentx_check_packet (u_char *packet, size_t packet_len)
 Check the packet. More...

Detailed Description

SNMP Protocol Handler.