yumapro  21.10T-8
YumaPro SDK
ycontrol_xml.h File Reference

YControl XML parser APIs. More...

#include <xmlreader.h>
#include <xmlstring.h>
#include "xml_util.h"
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status_t ycontrol_xml_consume_node (xmlTextReaderPtr reader, xml_node_t *node)
 Consume an XML node from the XmlTextReader. More...
status_t ycontrol_xml_consume_node_nons (xmlTextReaderPtr reader, xml_node_t *node)
 consume node but do not generate namespace errors if seen. More...
status_t ycontrol_xml_consume_node_noadv (xmlTextReaderPtr reader, xml_node_t *node)
 re-get the current node More...
status_t ycontrol_xml_skip_subtree (xmlTextReaderPtr reader, const xml_node_t *startnode)
 Skip the current subtree (due to parse or schema error) More...

Detailed Description

YControl XML parser APIs.