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agt_connect.h File Reference

Handle the <ncx-connect> (top-level) element. More...

#include "cfg.h"
#include "status.h"
#include "xml_util.h"
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status_t agt_connect_init (void)
 Initialize the agt_connect module. More...
void agt_connect_cleanup (void)
 Cleanup the agt_connect module. More...
boolean agt_connect_dispatch (ses_cb_t *scb, xml_node_t *top)
 Handle an incoming <ncx-connect> request. More...

Detailed Description

Handle the <ncx-connect> (top-level) element.

This message is used for thin clients to connect to the ncxserver.

   Client --> SSH2 --> OpenSSH.subsystem(netconf) -->

      ncxserver_connect --> AF_LOCAL/ncxserver.sock -->

      ncxserver.listen --> top_dispatch -> ncx_connect_handler