yumapro  21.10T-12
YumaPro SDK
sil_sa_hooks.h File Reference

SIL-SA Hooks Support. More...

#include <xmlstring.h>
#include "rpc.h"
#include "val.h"
#include "ycontrol_types.h"
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void sil_sa_hooks_clean_added_edits (dlq_hdr_t *added_editQ)
 Clean the added edits from the profile. More...
val_value_tsil_sa_hooks_make_added_edit_payload (sil_sa_cb_t *sacb, status_t *res)
 Make the <transaction-response> message return-value. More...
status_t sil_sa_hooks_add_edit (sil_sa_cb_t *sil_sa_cb, const xmlChar *defpath, val_value_t *edit_value, const xmlChar *edit_operation, const xmlChar *insert_where, const xmlChar *insert_point, boolean skip_cb)
 Add an edit to the current transaction from SIL-SA. More...
status_t sil_sa_hooks_send_get_request (sil_sa_cb_t *sil_sa_cb, ncx_cfg_t cfg_id, const xmlChar *defpath)
 Send the <hook-get-request> message. More...
status_t sil_sa_hook_handle_get_request (sil_sa_cb_t *sil_sa_cb, val_value_t *msgbody, ycontrol_msgbody_t msgbody_type)
 Handles incoming <payload> from server for the <hook-get-request> More...

Detailed Description

SIL-SA Hooks Support.