yumapro  21.10T-8
YumaPro SDK
agt_yangapi_reply.h File Reference

RESTCONF Reply Handler. More...

#include "rpc.h"
#include "ses.h"
#include "status.h"
#include "yangapi.h"
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status_t agt_yangapi_reply_send (ses_cb_t *scb, yangapi_cb_t *rcb, rpc_msg_t *msg, status_t res, boolean is_events)
 Send a RESTCONF reply. More...
status_t agt_yangapi_yangpatch_reply_send (ses_cb_t *scb, yangapi_cb_t *rcb, rpc_msg_t *msg, status_t res)
 Send a YANG Patch reply. More...
void agt_yangapi_reply_output_last_keys (ses_cb_t *scb, yangapi_cb_t *rcb, rpc_msg_t *msg, val_value_t *valnode, int32 indent)
 Output the last-keys for <get-bulk> More...
status_t agt_yangapi_getbulk_reply_send (ses_cb_t *scb, yangapi_cb_t *rcb, rpc_msg_t *msg, status_t res)
 Output a RESTCONF <get-bulk> reply. More...

Detailed Description

RESTCONF Reply Handler.