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YumaPro-Client Support

Premium Support Available for YumaPro-Client

Registered users can download yumapro-client for free. YumaWorks does not provide free support for yumapro-client, though registered users can post and respond to topics on the yumapro-client User Forum.

For those who require a higher level of support, YumaWorks offers premium support for yumapro-client. Below is a brief summary of the differences between paid and community support for yumapro-client:

FeaturePremium SupportCommunity Support
User Forum Accesscheckcheck
YumaWorks Knowledge Basecheckcheck
YumaWorks Support Portal Accesscheck
Monthly Releasescheck
Interim Releases for Defect Resolution*check

* = Interim releases are provided at YumaWorks’ sole discretion