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YumaPro Documentation


All YumaPro SDK user manuals and guides are freely available for download or online viewing. Dive in to your YumaPro development today by reviewing our docs below. Note: The links below reference the current documentation for the latest version of our toolkit, YumaPro SDK Version 21.10.

Installation and Startup
Installation Guide for YumaPro SDKPDFHTML
Quickstart Guide for YumaPro SDKPDFHTML
YumaPro SDK User ManualPDFHTML
User Manual for netconfd-pro serverPDFHTML
yangcli-pro Command Line Client User ManualPDFHTML
yangcli-pro Command Line Client Command ReferencePDF
YumaBench Graphical Client Installation InstructionsPDF
YumaBench Graphical Client User ManualPDF
User Manual for ypclient-pro library designed to build client applications to communicate with NETCONF & RESTCONF serversPDFHTML
YumaPro SDK Developer ManualPDFHTML
User Manual for yangdiff-pro which compares YANG modulesPDFHTML
User Manual for yangdump-pro that validates YANG modules and converts to other formats such as SIL, SIL-SA and HTMLPDFHTML
YumaPro Doxygen Browser for Module, Data Structure and File APIsHTML
Quickstart Guide to YumaPro APIsPDFHTML
YumaPro yp-system API Guide for the API callback interface for the netconfd-pro serverPDFHTML
YumaPro yp-show API Guide for hooking vendor-specific functions into the yangcli client applicationPDFHTML
Cheat Sheet for the YANG data modeling language, features YANG v1.1PDF
Quickstart Guide for recipes to build YumaPro servers for yocto systemsPDFHTML
Additional Protocols
User Manual for YumaPro gNMI (yp-gnmi)PDFHTML
User Manual for YumaPro gRPC (yp-grpc)PDFHTML
User Manual for YumaPro SNMP (yp-snmp)PDFHTML