yumapro  20.10-12
YumaPro SDK
yp_ha_service_t_ Struct Reference

YP-HA service instance. More...

#include <agt_yp_ha.h>

Collaboration diagram for yp_ha_service_t_:

Data Fields

dlq_hdr_t ha_serverQ
 common state is a Q of yp_ha_server_t
yp_ha_server_t * my_server_cb
 HA control block.
const xmlChar * ha_server_key
 shared HA pool key
obj_template_t * yp_ha_obj
 YANG object template for service layer.
val_value_t * payload_val
 payload_val for reuse and faster messages
yp_ha_state_t ha_state
 current HA state
boolean ha_enabled
 HA enabled flag.
boolean ha_init_done
 HA init done flag.
struct yp_ha_active_t_ * active_cb
 active mode
struct yp_ha_standby_t_ * standby_cb
 standby mode

Detailed Description

YP-HA service instance.

One control block is maintained for the YP-HA service instance Either Active or Standby Roles. Used internally, no service layer fields should be accessed directly

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