yumapro  20.10-12
YumaPro SDK
syslog_msg_desc_t_ Struct Reference

Syslog/Vendor Message Buffer descriptor. More...

#include <log_util.h>

Data Fields

uint idid
 internal idid field
char * start
 start of message
char * end
 end of message
char * ptr
 internal message pointer
uint32 len
 message len
int32 remaining
 remaining to write
boolean initialized
 initialization done
boolean was_append
 was appended flag
boolean first_time
 first callflag
boolean write_pending
 internal write pending
log_debug_app_t app
 app to use in message
log_debug_t level
 debug level to use
log_debug_t sub_level
 sub-level to use
 buffer to use

Detailed Description

Syslog/Vendor Message Buffer descriptor.

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