yumapro  20.10-12
YumaPro SDK
obj_template_t_ Struct Reference

One YANG data-def-stmt. More...

#include <obj.h>

Collaboration diagram for obj_template_t_:

Data Structures

union  def_
 object specific variants More...

Data Fields

dlq_hdr_t qhdr
 queue header
obj_type_t objtype
 object type (def)
uint32 yang_hash
 experimental: not used
uint32 flags
 see OBJ_FL_* definitions
uint32 xflags
 see OBJ_FL_* definitions
uint32 xflags2
 see OBJ_FL_* definitions
uint32 uflags
 see OBJ_FL_* definitions
uint8 silflags
 see OBJ_FL_* definitions
uint8 sil_priority
 picks SIL callback order
obj_testflags_t testflags
 see AGT_TEST_FL_* definitions
obj_testflags_t desc_testflags
 see AGT_TEST_FL_* definitions
ncx_error_t tkerr
 file and line info for compiler
grp_template_t * grp
 non-NULL == in a grp.datadefQ
obj_index_t index
 object index for val_child ordering
obj_oid_t * oid
 SNMP OID for this object (set if needed)
boolean set_snmp_flags
 need SNMP flags
boolean xpath_oper_ok
 object OK for referencing oper-data in XPath
struct obj_template_t_parent
 backptr to parent
struct obj_template_t_usesobj
 backptr to uses-obj if grouping expand
struct obj_template_t_augobj
 backptr to augment-obj if augment expand
struct xpath_pcb_t_when
 optional when clause
dlq_hdr_t metadataQ
 Q of obj_metadata_t.
dlq_hdr_t appinfoQ
 Q of ncx_appinfo_t.
dlq_hdr_t iffeatureQ
 Q of ncx_iffeature_t.
dlq_hdr_t inherited_iffeatureQ
 Q of obj_iffeature_ptr_t.
dlq_hdr_t inherited_whenQ
 Q of ncx_backptr_t with node == xpath_pcb_t.
dlq_hdr_t * dataruleQ
 Q obj NACM data-rule backptrs.
void * cbset
 cbset is different based on the object type: More...
void * get2cb
 get2fn is getcb_fn2_t for local GET2
struct ncx_module_t_mod
 object module and namespace ID assigned at runtime this can be changed over and over as a uses statement is expanded. More...
xmlns_id_t nsid
 namespace ID assigned to the object at run-time
struct xpath_pcb_t_xpath_backptr [OBJ_NUM_XPATH_BACKPTRS]
 xpath backptr caching support
dlq_hdr_t xpath_backptrQ
 Q of ncx_back_ptr_t with node == xpath_pcb_t.
void * commit_test_cb
 backptr to the commit_test record for this object which will only exist if this object has 'must' or 'when' statements defined within it
dlq_hdr_t * errmsgQ
 custom error message used if this is the server running
void * yangmap_cb
 if set, backptr to the nodemap in a YANG model mapping OBJ_IS_YANGMAP_SOURCE() indicates this is the source node OBJ_IS_YANGMAP_TARGET() indicates this is the target node
ncx_transaction_id_t edit_txid
 current edit transaction ID for commit test pruning
ncx_transaction_id_t must_txid
 current edit transaction ID for MUST test default nodes pruning
ncx_transaction_id_t when_txid
 current edit transaction ID for WHEN test default nodes pruning
void * def_hook_cb
 def_hook_cb is ncx_def_hook_cbfn_t callback function for Dynamic Default Hook callback.

Detailed Description

One YANG data-def-stmt.

Field Documentation

◆ cbset

void* cbset

cbset is different based on the object type:

    OBJ_TYP_RPC == agt_rpc_cbset_t
    OBJ_TYP_ACTION ==  agt_action_cbset_t
    OBJ_TYP_* (data nodes) == agt_cb_fnset_t

◆ mod

struct ncx_module_t_* mod

object module and namespace ID assigned at runtime this can be changed over and over as a uses statement is expanded.

The final expansion into a real object will leave the correct value in place

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