yumapro  20.10-12
YumaPro SDK
getbulk_cb_t_ Struct Reference

Get Bulk Control BLock. More...

#include <getbulk.h>

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Data Fields

struct cfg_template_t_source_cfg
 back-ptr to the datastore config
xmlChar * list_target
 expression identifying the list object to walk
struct obj_template_t_target_obj
 back-ptr to the target object template
uint32 count
 number of list entries requested
restconf_content_t content_enum
 content parameter from RESTCONF
uint32 ret_count
 number of list entries returned
int32 start_indent
 the requested indent for the list target instances <verbatim> <rpc-reply> <bulk> <data> <foo> <– start_indent is this node </verbatim>
val_value_t * last_keys
 last_keys anydata w/ last keys from client request
val_value_t * list_test_val
 list_test filter for list-target
val_value_t * fixed_keys
 fixed_keys anydata w/ any fixed keys from client request
obj_template_t * last_keys_obj
 last_keys object saved from rpc/output for return last keys
val_value_t * last_entry
 last_entry based on target object; moves key leafs from last_keys into this value for checking in the data tree to find the new starting point for the next get-bulk return
val_value_t * ret_last_keys
 last_keys anyxml w/ last keys to return to client

Detailed Description

Get Bulk Control BLock.

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