5  ypclient-pro C Header Files

The C++ API classes allow use of the ypclient-pro API, but only from C++ programs. Languages like C and Python can't use them directly. The functions described in the c-api-* files give programming languages that can access libraries using C functions access to the ypclient-pro API.



Do not attempt to mix the C and C++ API functions.



A description of the ypclient-pro .h header files follows. These files can be found in /usr/include/yumapro/mgr and /usr/include/yumapro/ycli.

5.1  /usr/include/yumapro/mgr

5.1.1  c-api-devices.h

Functions to create, save, load, and modify a device/server.

5.1.2  c-api-session.h

Functions dealing with sessions.

5.1.3  c-api-users.h

Functions to create, save, load, and modify a user account on a device.















5.2  /usr/include/yumapro/ycli

5.2.1  c-api-error.h

Functions for retrieving and displaying C-style error codes.

5.2.2  c-api-grouping.h

Functions for dealing with groups of objects, typedefs, and subgroups.

5.2.3  c-api-library.h

Functions for dealing with libraries.

5.2.4  c-api-module.h

Functions for dealing with modules.

5.2.5  c-api-object.h

Functions for dealing with objects.

5.2.6  c-api-typedef.h

Functions for dealing with a type definition and its parameters.

5.2.7  c-api-yangapi.h

Functions for the initialization, cleanup, and general settings of the library.