4  ypclient-pro C++ Header Files

A description of the ypclient-pro .hpp header files follows. These files can be found in /usr/include/yumapro/mgr and /usr/include/yumapro/ycli.

4.1  /usr/include/yumapro/mgr

4.1.1  api-devices.hpp

A class representing a Device that this library can connect to, and classes and functions to create, save, load, and modify Devices.

4.1.2  api-exceptions.hpp

The domain-specific exceptions used in the C++ code.

4.1.3  api-filesystem.hpp

A limited version of the std::filesystem library proposed for C++17. Code written against this should work with std::filesystem with minimal changes.

4.1.4  api-session.hpp

A class representing a connected Session, and classes and functions for creating and dealing with Sessions.

4.1.5  api-token.hpp

A class representing a value that is guaranteed to be unique within a run of the program. It is used for several purposes in the API.

4.1.6  api-users.hpp

A class representing a user account on a Device, and classes and functions to create, save, load, and modify Users.

4.1.7  api-xstring.hpp

A string class using unsigned characters, designed to handle XML data, which can also represent a nullptr.


4.2  /usr/include/yumapro/ycli

4.2.1  api-grouping.hpp

A class representing a group of objects, typedefs, and subgroups.

4.2.2  api-library.hpp

A class representing a library of module files and allowing you to enumerate, find, and load them.

4.2.3  api-module.hpp

A class representing a Module and describing its interface.

4.2.4  api-object.hpp

A class representing an Object, describing its parameters, type, and any child Objects.

4.2.5  api-typedef.hpp

A class representing a type definition and its parameters.

4.2.6  api-yangapi.hpp

A class representing the API library itself. It handles initialization, cleanup, and general settings of the library.