1  Preface

1.1  Legal Statements

Copyright 2009 – 2012, Andy Bierman,  All Rights Reserved.

Copyright 2012 – 2021, YumaWorks, Inc.,  All Rights Reserved.

1.2  Additional Resources

This document assumes you have successfully set up the software as described in the printed document:

YumaPro  Installation Guide

Other documentation includes:

YumaPro API Quickstart Guide

YumaPro Quickstart Guide

YumaPro User Manual

YumaPro netconfd-pro Manual

YumaPro yangcli-pro Manual

YumaPro yangdiff-pro Manual

YumaPro yangdump-pro Manual

YumaPro Developer Manual

YumaPro yp-system API Guide

YumaPro yp-show API Guide

YumaPro Yocto Linux Quickstart Guide

YumaPro yp-snmp Manual

To obtain additional support you may contact YumaWorks technical support department:


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1.3  Conventions Used in this Document

The following formatting conventions are used throughout this document:

Documentation Conventions





CLI parameter foo


XML parameter foo


yangcli-pro command or parameter


Environment variable FOO


yangcli-pro global variable foo

some text

Example command or PDU

some text

Plain text


Informational text

Useful or expanded information



Warning text

Warning information indicating possibly unexpected side-effects