1  Preface

1.1  Legal Statements

Copyright 2009 – 2012,  Andy Bierman,  All Rights Reserved.

Copyright 2012 - 2020, YumaWorks, Inc.,  All Rights Reserved.

1.2  Additional Resources

Other documentation includes:

YumaPro Quickstart Guide

YumaPro User Manual

YumaPro netconfd-pro Manual

YumaPro yangcli-pro Manual

YumaPro ypclient-pro Manual

YumaPro yangdiff-pro Manual

YumaPro yangdump-pro Manual

YumaPro Developer Manual

YumaPro API Quickstart Guide

YumaPro ypgnmi Guide

YumaPro yp-system API Guide

YumaPro yp-show API Guide

YumaPro Yocto Linux Quickstart Guide

YumaPro yp-snmp Manual

To obtain additional support you may contact YumaWorks technical support department:


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1.3  Conventions Used in this Document

The following formatting conventions are used throughout this document:

Documentation Conventions





CLI parameter foo


XML element foo


netconfd-pro command or parameter


Environment variable FOO

some text

Example command or PDU

some text

Plain text


Informational text

Useful or expanded information



Warning text

Warning information indicating possibly unexpected side-effects