Table of Contents

1  Preface

1.1  Legal Statements

1.2  Additional Resources

1.2.1  WEB Sites

1.2.2  Mailing Lists

1.3  Conventions Used in this Document

2   Introduction

3  Installing YumaPro SDK

3.1  Pre-requisites

3.1.1  External Package Needed by the Server and Client

3.1.2  External Package Needed by the Server

3.1.3  External Packages Needed by the Client

3.2  YumaPro Packages

3.2.1  Installing YumaPro SDK Binary Packages

3.2.2  Installing YumaPro SDK from Source Code

3.2.3  Uninstalling YumaPro SDK

3.3  Configure SSH

3.3.1  Installing SSH keys

3.4  SELinux Security Configuration

3.5  Restart the SSH Server

3.6  Start netconfd-pro

3.6.1  Server Startup Issues

3.7  yangcli-pro Connect

3.8  Configure TLS

3.8.1  Server Setup

3.8.2  Client Setup

3.8.3  Test the TLS Connection

3.9  Starting netconfd-pro with ypwatcher Program

4  RESTCONF Installation

4.1  Pre-requisites

4.1.1  NGINX Support

4.1.2  External Packages Needed by the Server

4.2  Configuring the Apache Server File

4.2.1  Setup TLS Certificates for Your RESTCONF Site

4.3  Restart the Apache Server

4.4  HTTP Connect

5  yp-shell – adding a CLI

5.1  Pre-requisites

5.2  Installing yp-shell

5.2.1  Add yp-shell to the /etc/shells File

5.2.2  Change the Shell for the Login User to yp-shell

A  Appendix: Installed Files

A.1  Release Notes

A.2  YANG Modules

A.3  Shared Libraries

A.4  Binary Programs

A.5  User Manual Pages

A.6  User Documentation

A.7  Sample Configuration Files

A.8  Developer Files

A.9  License and Packaging Information

B  Appendix: Next Steps

B.1  Solutions

B.2  More Documentation

B.3  Unix ‘man’ pages

B.4  Program --help option