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Licensing Details

YumaPro SDK Source Code Licensing Details

License FeatureYumaPro SDK
Server Source License
YANG Client Source LicenseYumaPro SDK
Complete Source License
Source code for yp-shell and yp-client NETCONF clientcheckcheck
Source code for netconfd-pro multi-protocol servercheckcheck
Source code for all tools including YANG compilercheck

Optional Professional Support and Updates Features for Source Code Licensees

  • Access to full technical support staff and software updates
  • Snapshot releases are done ASAP for severity 1 bugs
  • Snapshot releases are done ASAP for developer-blocking bugs
  • Snapshot releases are often available in less than 48 hours
  • Regular maintenance releases are done every month
  • Major upgrades are done once every 12 months

Supported Operating Systems and Architectures

FolderOperating SystemCPU



deb8Debian 8check
deb9Debian 9check
deb10Debian 10check
el6CentOS 6check
el7CentOS 7 and
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
el8CentOS 8 and
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8
fc29Fedora 29check
fc30Fedora 30check
fc31Fedora 31check
fc32Fedora 32checkcheck
opensuseopenSUSE Leapcheck
u1604Ubuntu 16.04 LTScheckcheck
u1804Ubuntu 18.04 LTScheckcheck
u2004Ubuntu 20.04 LTScheckcheck

For example: yumapro-sdk-19.10-7.u1804.amd64.deb

yumapro-sdk == package name

19.10-7 == release number

u1804 == OS

amd64 == CPU

deb == Package

This binary can be found in the folder:


For more information on how to license YumaWorks software tools, please emailĀ